About us

The club was founded by Tim Lawrence in September 1993, when Philip Nelkon (4 times national Scrabble Champion) gave a demonstration of simultaneous Scrabble against 12 locals. A report of the evening can be found here.

We have had a wide range of players over the years, from beginners to experts(two of our former members, Harshan Lamabadusuriya and Nick Ball, have even qualified for the World Scrabble Championships).

We currently enter a team in the Southern Counties Scrabble League, which we have won on two occasions.The team's results for the current and previous seasons can be found here, whilst the League newsletter can be found here.

Our annual tournament is open to all-comers, and attracts players from far and wide.

You are most wecome to join us, whatever your standard, and we look forward to seeing you one Friday evening.